When your eyes lock with mine
and my gaze won’t fade
Know there’s an ocean behind
my sighs and silly tries
to stop your steps long enough to reciprocate
the affection I know you feel the same
toward me.

So baby, don’t hold back
when I hold your hand
when I stroke your head
when I kiss your neck

Baby, don’t hold back
not an inch of skin
Not a word need be said
when our hearts connect

Baby, don’t hold back
not for a second will we regret
giving our all to this:
mine is yours
and yours my bliss.

Baby, don’t hold back
Restraint had its place
but now this gift
is far better unwrapped
again and again

Oh, let me show you the ways
my mind races and replays
all the things I would say
if I could express my love
with mere language

This body not all
but coupled with a soul
so committed to your whole being
I’m pleading you don’t hold back,
and let me see you.