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Special Interview Show
⭐️ Quina Aragon, @quina_aragon⁣⠀
⭐️ Emily Jensen, @emily___jensen⁣⠀
⭐️ Laura Wifler, @laurawifler⁣⠀
⭐️ Winfree Brisley, @winfreespearsbrisley⁣⠀
We see each other every week at church, but our relationships can grow into more than just a quick wave in the lobby while a toddler hangs from our knee. We’re supposed to the church body, supporting and caring for one another by God’s grace as we grow together in Christ. ⁣⠀

In this episode, the Risen Motherhood team shares how their local church communities have helped them in various seasons. The church plays a vital role in the Christian’s life, and while it’s not perfect, God uses the church to help us grow in wisdom and maturity.⁣⠀
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