Book One Embark

Here is the cover art for Book One | Embark from The Eternal Saga of the Saints, releasing 2/4/14. Designed by Jon Doulos




French, “em” = “in”, “barque” = “bark” or “ship” –> embarquer –> embark (mid 16th cent.)

Definition (according to Oxford English Dictionary): to “go on board a ship”; to “begin (a course of action, especially one that is important or demanding)”


This release includes the first 7 tracks (we’ll call them chapters in keeping with the saga theme) of the spoken word project. You’ll hear part 1 of a feature from the multi-talented Joe Solomon of, as well as music from Bellarive, Ian McIntosh, The Frozen Ocean, and The Ember Days. All tracks with my vocals are recorded, mixed and mastered by my good friend and HGA’s own Derek Webb of Krellow Productions. Book One is entitled “Embark” because it highlights some of the beginning sentiments and experiences of the saint in the eternal saga. Chapter (track) one is a story about conversion, and so begins the saga…

Later will arrive Book Two | Sojourn (3/4/14) and Book Three | Abide (4/8/14) of The Eternal Saga of the Saints.

You can embark, sojourn, & abide with me at 🙂

Quina Aragon

Quina Aragon

Quina Aragon's articles, poems, and spoken word videos have been featured on The Gospel Coalition, Risen Motherhood, Journey Women, Fathom Mag, and The Witness: BCC. She resides in Tampa, FL with her husband Jon and beautiful, three-year-old daughter. Quina's first children's book, Love Made, is a poetic retelling of the creation story that highlights God as the Trinity, humans as His image bearers, and children as a delightful gift.

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