What I’m thinking about as I’m transitioning out of living with my senior year roommates….

inspiration: leaving my roommates Monica, April, and Jenna for a new season in life
key verse: 1Peter 1:1 “elect exiles”
song set to the background of poemFranklin by Paramore

Sojourner’s Mourning (Everything Has Changed)
By: Quina Parchment
If I tape this leaf
fallen from
this tree
onto this paper,
this scrap book,
even if tucked behind
a layer of plastic
I will salvage this season for but one more
before it crumbles
and slips away
like the feeling of home.
So for now
I break off a limb from this tree
It will be
my staff
my pilgrimage
We can’t go back…
to that moment
that touch
and smell…
I will miss this.
I miss you already.
I love that breeze
that joke
that movie
that talk
that time we reconciled
that tea
everything will change.
I won’t get used to this
isn’t it sweet?
what we will be?
no longer elect exiles
just elect
It makes me cry
grief for the passing of this present
death of this bright green leaf
Yet even when it floats to the ground,
dancing with memories,
it looks beautiful
it looks necessary
Sojourner’s mourning
the change of season
makes me long for Home
where everything will change