I don’t think a day goes by
when I don’t miss you, sis
I still wonder why there’s so much distance
miles, not heart
between us.
I think of growing up with you and
I’m so glad we made it
so glad that He saved us
Amazing how we’re more sisters now
than we had ever been under the same roof.
But why am I so far from you?
Why now that I look up to you
(though forever want to protect you)
Why can’t I just stop by your house
for lunch?
Babysit Jaelynn for once?
Sit and talk on the porch,
Help you clean up?
I feel somewhat stripped of my duty and privilege
to be there for you like I always wished
I know, we leave and cleave,
but we breathe, and we weep
and I think we still
need each other.
A couple days ago Jae was barely two
Now she’s in school and soon
missing another tooth.
Will I miss another birthday
or even make one
before high school?
Does she know me or of me?
How do I hit redo?
and retake every moment I have had
to hug you and tell to how much
you mean to me.
You’re still here,
yet I’m weeping, thinking
about how much
I miss you.