A pure faith
            tested as gold
                        by the fire of trials
                                    is more precious to God
            all kinds of service
                        offered as sacrifice
                                    by the work of my hands,
                                                though rendered to Him.
“[…] The only way she could learn trust and obedience was to have things happen which she could not understand. That is where faith begins—in the wilderness, when you are alone and afraid, when things don’t make sense…She must hang onto the message of the Cross: God loves you. He loved you enough to die for you. Will you trust Him?
I gave her St. Peter’s word about the trial of faith being a more precious thing than gold—and even gold has to go through fire to be purified. Fire is hot. Fire causes pain. But a pure faith would be worth far more to God than all the service she had hoped to render if poor health had not interrupted her plans.”
– Elisabeth Elliot, Loneliness, pg. 20